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Since 2000, Imperial Windows and Doors Inc. specializes in the manufacture and installation of doors and windows.

Customer can rely on the attentive service and the expertise of skilled technicians. Today, Imperial Windows and Doors Inc. still has the same goal, to give the customer a quality product and to provide impeccable service.



Installing energy-efficient windows provides superior comfort that helps optimize energy consumption. ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors filter solar radiation in order to reduce the impact of sunlight on furniture, leather couches, wood or fabrics. In addition, well-insulated windows prevent the formation of condensation and mold.

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Established in 1987, the Quebec Construction Commission (QCC) is responsible for administrating the Law respecting labor relations, vocational training and manpower management in the construction industry ( Act R-20).

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Established in 2002, this banner aims to structure the renovation sector by providing a well-defined professional framework for entrepreneurs and quality services to consumers. The Réno-Maître Couvreur banner counts more than 500 experienced, serious and competent members who commit themselves to respecting rules in agreement with the best practices in their respective fields.

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Founded in 1961, APCHQ is a private, non-profit organization that deals with more than 17,000 businesses in 15 regional associations. It occupies a prominent place in the construction and renovation industry.

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In order to protect the public, the RBQ ensures the following: work quality, buildings' and facilities' safety and the professional qualifications and the integrity of the contractors and owner-builders. The RBQ fulfils its mission by adopting construction, safety and professional qualification standards. It oversees the enforcement of these standards, through investigations and verifications, by applying the law in case of defaults or defects and by setting out financial garanties to protect the consumer.

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